Office Modular Furniture System Study
Junior Team Project

Based on ergonomics, we designed a manual module that can be easily applied to various offices by standardizing the radius of various activities and activities inside the office. Based on Julius Panero & Martin Zelnik's study, this project presents a guide for the layout and combination of office furniture, considering the structural and functional figures of the human body in the workplace. These guides can provide a service that enables easy office planning through simple grid system.

Working Module
Residential + Individual

Typical personalised seat, with optional combinations of work desks, lower desk compartments, and standing cabinets, taking into account one-person activity areas. There are two types of modules: large/small, and the module framework of the wood finish is opened and closed by sliding method, enabling variable space composition.

Working Module
Nomadic + Individual

Non-designated seat, a good form of personal business module that focuses alone or gets new ideas away from designated seats. It consists of a spacious seat and a simple laptop-mounted table, and the framework can be used selectively.

Working Module
Meeting + Closed

Closed meeting module suitable for business meetings. Consisted of two types: six-person room and four-person room. Foldable barriers of fabric finish between modules are arranged so that space can be combined and utilized in many cases.

Working Module
Meeting + Open

Open meeting module that can be used as a casual meeting space or social hub, consisting of two types of two or four people.

Relaxing Module

Two kinds of relaxing modules. One for sitting down and one for lying down. 3 x 1 size sleeping modules can be stacked on the z-axis and combined into a capsule-shaped sleeping room.

Relaxing Module
Social Hub

Social hub modules for office lounge composition. Wide-sized grid allows easy furniture arrangement and combination of multiple angles.

Relaxing Module
Social + F&B

Reflecting the culture of the office cafe, F&B module with sink and food storage space was designed. It is combined into a sink, refrigerator, bar table, and shelf, and you can choose two types: large / small.

Green Module

Office internal flowerpot module suitable for biophilia interior trend, can optionally be placed in a combination of two types: large/ small.

2016 - 2020